Comparing the Top 6 Best Rated Tire Brands

When picking out new tires for your car, the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s an overwhelming amount of choice in this industry. There are many brands to choose from that all have multiple tire models in their catalogs. To help you decide which tires you should go with, we’ll compare the six best tire brands. These are the ones that typically receive the highest ratings, but we’ve listed them out in no particular order.


Of course, we have to start this list with the tire man himself. Michelin is one of the most well-known brands on the market these days, and it’s not just because of its mascot. The company’s quality is top-notch, and it has so many types of tires to choose from that you’ll never need to look elsewhere to fulfill your needs. The reason why people do, though, is that these tires don’t come cheap. To buy from one of the best, you’ll need to fork up the cash.


Another highly recognized brand in the public eye is Goodyear. Anyone who watches NASCAR or has seen the company’s famous blimp knows it. But what about its tires? Well, its product quality and selection are very comparable to Michelin’s. Obviously, that means there will be a higher price tag as well. But one thing Goodyear does to stand apart is that it puts a lot of focus on offering a large catalog of winter tires.


Cooper might not be well-known for having the range or selection that the previous brands do, but it’s not a company you’ll want to completely ignore by any means. Its tires are great options for anyone looking for something that can serve all-terrain or even mud-terrain functions, making them the perfect fit for anyone who enjoys off-roading. On top of that, Cooper is also one of the few brands that still makes tires for vintage muscle cars. These traits definitely make it more niche but still worth your time.


If you want tires that can serve you across a broader range of applications, you might find that Bridgestone offers the best tires for your car. Its products boast excellent wet, dry, and winter performance, among others advantages. Despite that, this brand doesn’t have too many models to choose from, which can limit you a bit. However, we believe Bridgestone more than makes up for that with its tires’ performance metrics.


Now, if you’re looking for some of the best performance tires for road driving out there, look no further than Pirelli. This company is most famous for its sport and luxury car tires. Of course, that means these tires won’t come cheap, but the quality and selection you’ll get through them will more than make up for it. They have heavy ties to Formula 1 for a reason, after all.


The final entry in our list of the best tire brands you should look into is Continental. If you want a tire that stands the test of time, go with a company that’s been around longer than the automobile. Continental prides itself on offering quality products that check off many people’s boxes. They have many all-terrain tires, all-season options, and everything in between, so be sure to check them out.