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Wheel and Tire Superstore has the largest selection of new tires in the state of Texas, and a large percentage of our repeat customers make the short drive from Round Rock for the best service, pricing, and financing, and for our superior level of customer service. We are proud to be known as the cheapest tire shop around Round Rock, TX, even though we are only a short drive away in Cedar Park. We are honored to offer the best prices on tires in the Round Rock area, and we look forward to serving you.

Our Dedication to Being the Cheapest Tire Store Near Round Rock TX

We are passionate about serving the community of Round Rock TX with the cheapest tire prices and the best deal on a set of new tires. Round Rock is a unique and special place, as it is located right next to the Balcones Escarpment, a fault line just east of Interstate 35 known for its flat terrain and black, fertile soil of the Blackland Prairie. Located roughly 20 miles north of Downtown Austin, several of the people who work in the city live in Round Rock and the need for safe tires to see them through their commute every year is critical to safety. 

In 2008 ‘Money’ listed Round Rock as the seventh-best small American town to live in, in the entire country and it was the only city in Texas to make the Top 10. Furthermore, a 2009 article by CNN named Round Rock as the second-fastest growing city in the country, and since then Wheel and Tire Superstore has been keeping pace and providing residents with the cheapest tires in Round Rock TX. With Dell’s headquarters which employs roughly 16,000 people in Round Rock and the immediate area, and major retailers such as IKEA, a premium outlet mall and the La Frontera center, Round Rock is a thriving place for family and business, and we strive to be the go-to place for the cheapest tires in Round Rock TX.

Whether you have a towing service on Mays Street, a family home near Greenlawn Park, or an apartment over by Frontier Park, we are honored to help you get the best price on a new set of tires and helping to ensure that you and your family are safe on the road with the right tires to improve safety on the road.

Tire services in Round Rock TX

What Kind of Tires are Available to Round Rock TX Residents?

Wheel and Tire Superstore offers the largest variety of tires, more so than any other tire shop near Round Rock, TX. Some of these include:

  • All terrain tires
  • Street tires
  • All steel tires
  • Mud tires
  • Tow truck tires
  • Heavy equipment / farming tires
  • Trailer tires
  • RV tires
  • Toyo Tires
  • Goodyear tires
  • Radar Tires
  • All weather tires
  • Much more!

Whether you need a new set of tires for your sedan that are safe for heavy rain, or you need some mud tires for your truck to enjoy some off-road fun on the weekends, we have your tires in stock and can offer the cheapest prices in the region. 

Round Rock TX Tires Inventory

Tire Financing in Round Rock, TX

At Wheel and Tire Superstore, we understand that life happens, and sometimes this means it is easier for people to get tire financing in Round Rock, TX as opposed to making some hard sacrifices in order to buy a much-needed set of new tires. We want every single customer, regardless of their income level or credit, to get new tires right away, and without having to make tough sacrifices. Therefore, we offer bad credit tire financing to our Round Rock residents, as well as tire financing to people with great credit because we want to help everyone, no matter what. You can come in to start the easy tire financing process, or simply text “apply” to 59992 to get approval status in minutes, along with the approved amount. Then all you need to do is visit our tire store and claim your new tires and wheels when it is convenient for you to do so. 

How can Round Rock Residents Tell When You Need New Tires?

Not everyone knows how to tell when it is time to get new tires. It is important to ensure your tires are in good condition, as this will help you have better performance when driving, give you better gas mileage, and increase safety. Here is a class method people have been using for decades to test their tires to see if they need to be replaced:

  • Find a penny
  • Place the penny in between the tire grooves with the head’s side in an upright position, facing you
  • If you can see Lincoln’s beard, then you know it’s time to get new tires.

There are other signs to look out for that indicate it may be time for new tires, and you can always come into Wheel and Tire Superstore and our experts will inspect your tires free of charge. Some of these signs include:

  • Cracks in the tires
  • Tire sidewall bulging 
  • Uneven tire tread
  • You keep having repeat tire pressure problems
  • The car vibrates or makes thumping sounds when you drive (this could also be a balancing issue or problem with the suspension)
  • The tread wear bars are flush with the tread (major sign you need new tires)

If any of these issues sound familiar, then we recommend you come in as soon as possible and let our experts inspect your tires, the way they are aligned, and your suspension. We will give you a full report, and if needed, set you up with the cheapest tire prices you will find anywhere near Round Rock, on high-quality name-brand tires that offer the best performance and cost-saving efficiency for better gas mileage.

Round Rock TX, Call or Visit Wheel and Tire Superstore

We know that shopping for new tires can be stressful and finding the right tires for the cheapest price while still getting premium name-brand products can be difficult. However, Wheel and Tire Superstore makes this an easy process for our Round Rock customers. We also offer full alignment services and will make sure that your tires are properly balanced. Give us a call or visit our tire shop near Round Rock, TX today!