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Finding the right set of new tires, at the best price, and with a financing option in place that works for all budgets can be challenging. When locals set out to find the best wheel and tire store Cedar Park, TX has to offer, these are the three main challenges that they struggle with. After all, if the tire store doesn’t have the right wheels or tires in stock, people can be inconvenienced and must wait a long time to get the right equipment. This can disrupt one’s personal life, as well as their commute to work. Pricing is also a big concern; if you invest hours of your time searching the Internet for the best new tires in Cedar Park, TX, you will likely find several stores to sift through, and this creates a problem for shoppers because it means you must call every single one to get exact pricing and other specifications. Then there are cases where some tires simply cost more than others, regardless as to where you shop, so when this is the top concern, customers in Cedar Park are looking for great tire financing options. 

Therefore, Wheel and Tire Superstore started; we believe all customers, regardless of their income level or credit history, deserve to get the right tires, at the right time, at the right price, with the best financing options in town. 

Now let’s learn about some of the common problems people have when looking for the best tire store in Cedar Park and how Wheel and Tire Superstore has placed solutions in every corner to cover every hurdle and give people the best customer experience possible.


While tire availability, pricing, and financing are things that people care about when shopping for new tires, customers also care about doing business with a store that’s truly dedicated to serving the community. When a business lacks personal ties to a community, there is a disconnect in everything from customer service to offering the right products that people truly need.

Wheel and Tire Superstore is a family-owned business located in Cedar Park, TX that pays attention to customers, and strives to provide a superior level of care and service to all community members. According to a 2020 census, there are 25,061 households in Cedar Park, and of those 18,589 are families, making our city a predominantly family-forward locale. Located 16 miles from Austin, thousands of people who work in the capital call Cedar Park their home, as it is a close commute, yet separated to offer families some of that peace and quiet away from heavy traffic. Wheel and Tire Superstore knows that family comes first, and therefore we are committed to supplying residents with high-quality name brand tires such as Toyo, Goodyear and Radar that will enable people to commute to work and support their families, as well as keeping families safe on the road. Whether you live in a family home off New Hope Dr. near the Cedar Bark Park and you are looking for safe, reliable tires to take you and your furry best friend out for a day of fun, or you own a real estate business on Lakeline Blvd. and need reliable tires to drive your clients around town, Wheel and Tire Superstore has your best interest at heart and takes great pride in serving our community by providing a valuable service to every household.

Toyo Tires in Cedar Park
Best tires selection in Cedar Park, TX


Another problem that people have when shopping for tires is to find the right tires in stock. People must take the kids to school, go to work, and keep their appointments, and when you can’t drive your car until the right tires are available, your life can turn chaotic quickly. Therefore, it is critical to find the right tires in stock, at a tire store in Cedar Park where technicians can quickly install them in no time. Here at Wheel and Tire Superstore, we have the largest selection of tires in Cedar Park, and in the state of Texas. Whether you need some good, reliable tires for your Ford F-150 pickup, for your Honda Accord, or for your tow truck so that you can continue to make a living, we have the right tires in stock, and can get them installed the day you call or come in. This means there is no lengthy wait time, and you can resume life as normal by finding the right tires the second you need them.


Four new tires cost a lot of money at large chain tire shops, especially if you go with name-brand options. While some families can buy new tires without any challenges, other families struggle to save the money, or they must give up other things to afford 4 new tires for their car or truck. Wheel and Tire Superstore offers the best tire prices in Cedar Park, TX. We guarantee the best prices on new tires, and the new tire cost you are presented with will be matched if you find a lower price by a reputable seller.


One problem people have is not knowing when they need new tires. By knowing the signs indicating when it is time to buy new tires, you can replace them at the right time and save money by not buying prematurely or waiting too late one your gas mileage has already dropped. Here is a classic method anyone can use to test their tires to determine if it’s time to get them replaced:

  • Take a penny
  • Position the penny in the grooves of the tire with Lincoln’s head facing you upright
  • If you can see all Lincoln’s head, it’s time to get a new tire
  • If the tread is up to Lincoln’s forehead, your tires are considered safe for driving

Other signs that indicate you need new tires include the following:

  • Tires are cracked
  • There are bulges on the sidewall of the tires
  • The tire tread is uneven
  • You have ongoing tire pressure issues
  • Thumping or vibrations while driving (could also be a suspension or balancing issue)
  • Tread wear bars are flush with the tread

If you notice any of these problems, bring your car to Wheel and Tire Superstore in Cedar Park, and our tire experts will analyze your tires, check the alignment and suspension, and give you a full report and help you get back onto the road with safe tires in no time!


When it comes to long-term value, reliability, and safety, buying used tires is better than purchasing used tires. Used tires already have wear and tear, and they are more prone to a blowout. New tires are guaranteed, have the best tread and traction, are significantly safer, and you will get better gas mileage when you buy 4 new tires which will save you lots of money. In addition, buying new tires comes with a warranty so that in the unlikely event anything goes wrong, you will have coverage to get a new replacement. Just remember, purchasing used tires is not like buying a used refrigerator; the worst-case scenario is that if your fridge wears out, your food will spoil, but if your tires blow out while you are driving, the unthinkable can happen


One of the biggest problems people have is trying to finance tires with bad credit. Not many tire stores finance their products unless people have good credit history. However, Wheel and Tire Superstore in Cedar Park, TX understands that events happen in life that are out of our control, and as a result, credit can be impacted, but this should not restrict you from being able to get a good deal on financing a new set of tires. When it comes to tire financing bad credit options, we provide solutions to accommodate anyone because we are dedicated to empowering our community members with the ability to stay mobile and be safe in the process without having to make large financial sacrifices. If you have bad credit, don’t worry, we will work with you!


Finding a local tire store that also offers tire alignment can be challenging, so we have resolved this problem for Cedar Park residents. Now you can come in for same-day appointments and get local tire alignment services, at an affordable price, with the best customer service in town. When searching for tire alignment near me, we offer the best prices, fastest service, and in the event you need new tires we will have your tire type and size in stock!

Buy Car Wheels, New and Properly Sized

Not only do we have the largest selection of tires, but we also offer a wide range of car wheels for any vehicle type. Car wheels are the circular parts that rotate allowing your automobile to move. Wheels are placed vertically under your car to provide movement and support. The wheel type will be determined on the type of vehicle you have, the loads it carries, and your aesthetic tastes. Car wheels come in several designs and finishes, so you have a good variety to choose from that will properly fit your truck or car. 

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Whether you need to buy a new tire, purchase 4 new tires, get an alignment, or take advantage of our best tire financing bad credit options, give us a call, or stop in and let our team of experts help you get back on the road in a safe and fuel-efficient manner. We are here to help every single Cedar Park resident and look forward to helping you with all your wheel and tire needs.