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As any car owner knows, just driving down the street can be hazardous to the health of your tires. Potholes, cracks, and other road defects can be very harsh on car tires, leading to premature wear and tear to the rubber material. On occasion, a badly maintained road can cause a flat tire or even a sudden blowout.

Even good roads can be full of dangers. Passing trucks can leave behind all sorts of debris on the road: nails, bolts, wood planks, broken glass, and scrap metal are just a few types of objects that can puncture tires.

No one wants to deal with the expense involved in replacing a damaged tire. That’s why Wheel and Tires Superstore Cedar Park offers our customers a Tire Protection Plan designed to give drivers some peace of mind. For a small fee, you can purchase a plan that, if disaster strikes, will allow you to get a damaged tire repaired or replaced at no additional cost to you.


A tire protection plan—sometimes called a road hazard plan—is basically car insurance that covers only your tires. If any of your tires becomes damaged due to a road hazard covered by your plan, then you can get the tire repaired or replaced, whichever option is most appropriate.

When your car is brought to us, we’ll perform an analysis to determine how to handle the damaged tire. If the tire can be repaired to a road-safe condition, then we’ll perform these repairs. If it cannot be safely repaired, then we’ll replace the damaged tire with one of the exact make/model or, if this cannot be done, one of a similar type. All this is done at no charge to you apart from what you pay for the Tire Protection Plan.


Tires are expensive, and all it takes is one incident on the road to leave you with a large bill. Our Tire Protection Plan ensures that you won’t be hit with an unexpected expense like this.

Keep in mind that most tire warranties don’t cover accidental damage. Generally, your tires come with a limited manufacturer warranty that covers production defects. You likely also have a tread life warranty that offers a partial refund or credit if the tire wears out before its expected lifespan. However, neither of these warranties typically covers damage caused by road debris.

Standard car insurance also tends not to cover tire damage. Even if it does, you often have a deductible that requires you to pay all or part of the expense of a new tire.

Some drivers are especially prone to experiencing tire damage, due to the type of vehicle they drive or their daily driving conditions. For instance, low-profile tires are more likely than standard tires to sustain damage while on the road. Many vehicle owners often commute on roads with lots of potholes or a high incidence of stray debris. Drivers in these categories may find a road hazard plan particularly helpful.

Your plan protects you against damage to your tires caused by objects on or defects in the road, including curbs, debris, and potholes. It does not include mount and balance fees or road hazard protection fees for the new tire. These plans are also not intended to cover normal wear, or damage caused by vandalism.

Please refer to your contract for a complete description of terms and conditions.

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