Auto Suspension Repair & Inspection in Cedar Park, TX

Auto Suspension Repair & Inspection in Cedar Park, TX

Your car’s suspension system is a critical component to automobile safety, fuel efficiency, and to providing you with an all-around better driving experience while maintaining your car’s integrity. A perfectly calibrated suspension system will maximize the friction between the street and your vehicle’s tires. When you visit the best auto suspension repair and inspection service in Cedar Park TX, you can ensure that friction is being maximized so that you can steer your car with greater stability, have stronger control, and experience comfortable handling without jolts and veering. Basically, the more contact your tires have with the road, the greater control and security you will have in driving your car. 

What is Car Suspension?

Car suspension is a system that includes tires, the air in your tires, shock absorbers, springs, and the linkages that connect a car to its wheels enabling movement between the two. Car suspension systems and their components must work together to support road handling and holding, the quality of the ride, and these are at odds with each other. In order to protect your car’s value, ensure it is safe, and that you get the most enjoyable driving experience, it is important to find car suspension repair service in Cedar Park managed by true experts that have the experience, knowledge and resources to correct any problem, and for decades the technicians at Wheel and Tire Superstore have been providing the best suspension services with the goal to keep drivers in Cedar Park and all over Williamson County safe on the road.

Suspension services in Cedar Park, TX

How Are Suspension Services Performed and What are the Types?

At Wheel and Tire Superstore, we know that bad weather, potholes, and uneven road conditions can cause problems to surface with your car’s suspension causing parts to quickly wear and tires to go out of alignment. Aging ball joints, suspension bushings, struts and shocks can play into how your car handles on the road. When you get routine suspension services you can maintain tight suspension and steering systems with the best tire alignment services in Cedar Park to ensure you get the most out of your car in terms of ultimate gas mileage and safety. 

When it comes to auto suspension repair and inspection services, the following information is something that our valued customers find as being very helpful:

Suspension Basics – Your car’s suspension system is, for the most part, located within the undercarriage of your vehicle where the wheels join the car. Contemporary cars have suspensions that are made up of clamps, springs, dampers, wishbones, and links that work together to adjust to the conditions of the road’s surfaces to try to create a safe, smooth driving experience. Wheel and Tire Superstore has a strict inspection system that scrutinizes all of these components to ensure they are all working together to offer the best driving experience possible. 

Dependent Suspension – When dealing with a dependent suspension system, every wheel on each side of the axles are connected in a rigid manner. This means that any circumstance impacting one wheel will likely impact the other. Dependent suspensions were the first type, and the primary advantage to this type is that the vehicle has a greater weight carrying capacity. Commercial vehicles, machinery, buses, and large trucks will have dependent suspensions, and Wheel and Tire Superstore is one of the few suspension service centers in Cedar Park that works with these types of vehicle suspensions. 

Independent Suspension – Without a doubt, the best suspension type for a passenger truck or car is an independent suspension. This is where each of the car’s wheels are independently connected to the rest of the automobile. With this suspension type, any impact experienced by one wheel is handled through that wheel’s lone suspension system, leaving the remaining wheels unaffected. 

Double Wishbone Suspension – With this suspension type, a pair of arms shaped like wishbones connect the car’s body to the wheel which offers control along two axles. One advantage of this type is that added control and shock absorption is rewarded, which is why high-performance sports cars will often use this system. 

Air Bag Suspension – This is not the airbag that emerges from the steering wheel on impact. Air bag suspension, also known as air suspension, utilizes an air compressor or air pump electrically powered or powered by the engine to inflate the rubber bellows (air bags) located at each wheel. The air suspension system replaces the need for springs. Years ago, air bag suspensions were used by large vehicles and trucks. However, car companies like Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Ford are just some of many who have started using air bag suspensions for several cars in their lineup. Wheel and Tire Superstore has the right specially trained technicians to service this type of suspension, and all others. 

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When Should You Have Your Vehicle’s Suspension Inspected?

Wheel and Tire Superstore always tells people searching for car suspension inspection in Cedar Park that there are several things to consider and look at when determining if you are due for a suspension inspection. The most obvious sign is leaking shocks; if in fact you notice this, then you will need to have your struts of shocks (based on what you are using) replaced.

Another simple way to tell if you need to have your suspension inspected is to note if it is swaying or bouncing to excessive levels. To test this, drive down a road with a familiar surface and determine whether or not your car or truck is bouncing more than usual. In addition to this method, you can do a bounce test where you purposely bounce each corner of your vehicle a few times, and after you let go, your car or truck should only bounce one more time before immediately settling. If the vehicle settles, then you know your shock absorbers and shocks are in good order but if it continues to bounce then you will want to get a suspension inspection and you may need to have the shocks replaced. 

Your sway bar can also give indications that you should get your suspension inspected:

  • Swaying on turns- If your vehicle sways way too much when you make turns, you should get a suspension inspection.
  • Swaying in crosswinds – If your vehicle sways a lot when you pass an 18-wheeler (or if one passes you), and you are swaying from that vehicle’s crosswinds, then it’s time to get your suspension checked.
  • Overcompensating in steering – When you have to overcompensate for excessive swaying when steering your vehicle, your sway bar could be damaged or loose, or the bolts may need to be examined. 

Even if you haven’t experienced any of these signs, auto manufacturers agree that you should get your suspension inspected every year, or every 12,000 miles to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience. 

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Ensuring that your vehicle’s suspension system is in top working order is a critical piece of maintenance that will protect your car’s value, offer better fuel efficiency, make your drive more enjoyable, and increase your safety on the road. Wheel and Tire Superstore offers affordable, honest suspension inspections and repairs to Cedar Park residents, and to people from all over Williamson County. When you bring your vehicle to our family owned and operated tire and auto center, we will get you back on the road running at full capacity while treating your family like our own. Come in or call our auto suspension repair specialists today!