Wheel & Tire Alignment in Cedar Park, TX


Wheel alignment, also known as “alignment” or “tire alignment” is a very necessary service for keeping your tires in great condition as this helps them last longer, and perform better. When looking for the best store offering wheel alignment in Cedar Park, Texas it is important to work with a provider that schedules routine alignment appointments, as needed, based on your vehicle type, tire type, and how many miles you tend to drive each year.


Wheel alignment, or wheel and tire alignment, is an adjustment that’s made to your car’s suspension that enables your tires to be positioned at the right angles to make the right contact with the road. Many cars have factory adjustments built into them for the appropriate angles, and other cars will require custom procedures and aftermarket parts to initiate the correct adjustments.

When a highly trained mechanic at Wheel and Tire Superstore in Cedar Park, TX performs wheel alignment and tire alignment, we always focus on three primary standards that are as follows:

Camber – The camber is the outward or inward wheel tilt as seen from the vehicle’s front. If the wheel is leaning away from the car’s center, then the camber is positive whereas if it leans towards the car’s center, it is negative.

Caster – The caster is the suspension pivot point’s angle on the front wheels that’s measured in terms of degrees when viewed from the side of the car. If the top pivot is farther forward then it is negative, and if farther back, it is positive.

Toe – The tow is the distance between the backs of the tires and the front. This measurement should be close to zero, but this measurement requirement differs according to individual car manufacturers. When the front tires are too close together, tow-in occurs and when the back tires are too close together then you are dealing with toe-out.

What Causes Wheels and Tires to Go Out of Alignment?

When we drive over potholes, bumps, and changing road surfaces over time, our wheels and tires will naturally go out of alignment. Also, when we bump curbs, drive over large cracks, and even when we have very minor accidents, such as someone backing into your parked car, one or more wheels and tires can come out of alignment.

Why Is It Important To Get Wheel Alignment and Tire Alignment?

Wheels and tires perform best when perfectly aligned, and since it is only natural for them to continuously come out of alignment as we drive, tire and wheel alignment is very necessary. Here are some of the problems that our wheel alignment services will resolve:

  • Improve and increase fuel efficiency
  • Improve the way the car handles
  • Help to prevent costly repairs to your car’s suspension and steering
  • Make your drive much smoother
  • Extend tire life
  • Improves the car’s ability to drive in a straight line
  • Helps to prevent accidents

When you bring your car to Wheel and Tire Superstore in Cedar Park, TX we will determine the condition of your current alignment, make the necessary adjustments, and schedule you for your next tire and wheel alignment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the number of miles you put on your car, and the tire and wheel type your car has. Our number one objective is to make sure your car is safe to drive, and our alignment service will go a long way in promoting your family’s safety.

How Often Should Wheel Alignment and Tire Alignment Be Done?

There is a general recommendation to get a wheel alignment and tire alignment once to twice a year due to the fact that most car manufacturers don’t include alignments in their standard maintenance schedule recommendations. It is also ideal to get an alignment every time you get your tires balanced and rotated. At Wheel and Tire Superstore in Cedar Park, TX we will make it very easy for you to stay up-to-date with all alignment services, as well as services to get your tires balanced and rotated.

Is Wheel Alignment Necessary After Tire Change?

Yes, whenever you get new tires or change your tires, you will always want to get a tire alignment and wheel alignment. This will ensure that the wheels and tires are correctly positioned for safe and optimal performance right at the time they are being added to your vehicle.

How Can I Tell That I Need Wheel Alignment and Tire Alignment?

Sticking to a regular, routine wheel alignment and tire alignment schedule at Wheel and Tire Superstore in Cedar Park, TX is the best way to ensure you get alignment service when it is necessary. However, if you happen to observe any of the following signs, then you can rest assured that you need wheel alignment and tire alignment services as soon as possible:

  • Tires are squealing
  • You notice uneven tire wear
  • Your ride is bumpy and rough
  • Steering is crooked / doesn’t remain in a straight drive line
  • Steering pulls to a certain direction

If you observe any of these signs, make an appointment to get your wheel alignment and tire alignment done as quickly as possible, as your car is not driving as safely as it otherwise could be.

Do I Need A Wheel Alignment With New Tires?

Just as you need a wheel alignment when you change your tires, the same is true for getting new tires. Yes, whenever you get new tires it is recommended to get wheel alignment performed to ensure that your new tires are correctly positioned to promote safe driving, better fuel efficiency, a longer life on your tires, and a smoother ride. The last thing you want with new tires is for your ride to be shaky or for the steering to pull to one side, so getting wheel alignment with your new set of tires is critical.

Should I Get a Two-Wheel Alignment or Four-Wheel Alignment?

Based on your car’s suspension type and drivetrain, you can either get a two-wheel alignment or a four-wheel alignment. However, keep in mind that a modern wheel alignment and tire alignment is intended to be performed on a four-wheel system. Even in the event that the back wheels can’t be adjusted, it is important to ensure that their alignment angles are measured so that the front wheels can be aligned with them. You may be in doubt if this is the case with your car, when you come to Wheel and Tire Superstore in Cedar Park, TX, our experts will examine your vehicle’s tires and wheels and perform the adjustments that are necessary.

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